Chronology & Reading Order

Chronology for books by A.J. Hall

Several people have asked for the chronology and suggested reading order for the books by A.J. Hall. So here it is:

Their suggested reading order is:

  1. Ships That Pass
  2. Lust Over Pendle
  3. Not a Whisper
  4. Time Shall Not Mend
  5. Dissipation and Despair
  6. The Perilous Point
  7. The Kindly Ones

Queer as Scent and The Mark of The Beast can be read in any order.

An (un)official guide to A.J. Hall's HP fiction

For an alternative view of the chronology you should also have a look at Geoviki's web site. It has an excellent unofficial guide to A.J. Hall's fiction, over at: